Monday, April 2, 2012

We're back!

Hey sorry we haven't been around lately.  Life sometimes gets in the way of the fun stuff.  Not that we haven't been up to fun stuff....oh let me tell you....we have :)  But our "assistant" has been busy and we've had to suffer along with you.

We mentioned a while back that "he" is a hockey coach.  Well...we're happy to report that hockey is finally coming to a close for another season and ended on a great note.  Yay....more time for us to be posting here!

We've had some really warm weather here in's been an odd winter all around.  So what have we been enjoying? Digging.  Let's talk about the Scottie's need to dig.  Actually it's a "dog thing" in general but us Scotties we like to seek and destroy.  Keeping in mind there are two of what one does...the other must follow.  Our peeps now have to re-sod their back yard....and the other day "he" laid big logs in our way of getting to where their garden normally goes.  Do you think "they're" trying to tell us something?  We take great pride in destroying the backyard.  There are random holes where we like to just dig.  It isn't always fun because we get carted off to the sink for a wash.  That mud really can pack in to our paws nicely.  :)

What have you all been up too??  Anyone getting out there and having a paw-dicure?

Angus & Molly
(new pictures coming soon)


  1. Oh yes yes yes, I love my digging too. I haven't been to a spa though for a pedicure in a while. Momma's been doing them at home with me. Hurmph. Glad you are back!

  2. Hi, glad you're back. We love digging in mud and sand, so we do that on Saturday mornings at the river. We do have a couple of projects going on in the back garden. SHE mulched over one of them!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  3. I am SO glad that you are back. I wondered what happened to you two. Yeppers digging is fun. I dont dig as much anymore now that I am older. Just keep it up and move to nother spot.


  4. digging in the sand is my Lilys favorite
    Benny & Lily

  5. Hi Angus and Molly...we've missed you a 2 tons but are happy to hear all are well but just busy.
    My staff has been keeping up with their chores and serving me so I have nothing to complain about...well I'd like more Fancy Feast but until I grow thumbs that ain't happening
    Hugs Madi

  6. Hi Angus and Molly, We love your site and photos! We are Brandy and Duffy of the Modern Scottie Dog blog, a new site in town, LA and Minneapolis,, we found you through Stuart at the Scottie Chronicles. Come visit us sometime, We're delighted to meet you...we are envious of your household with more than one dog to play with, we live in separate cities and only get together online or through Photo Shop!