Wednesday, June 12, 2013

We're Still Around....

Hi All,

Sorry we've been M.I.A. for quite some time, but our Peeps are always busy and blogging just isn't on the radar as much anymore.  We have been living it up!!!  Thought we'd post a picture of our recent trip up north to our little escape out of the city.  We were so tired from helping "him" build our cottage that we needed a rest.

Fun Facts About Molly:

She likes to roll around on her back after she eats dinner
She sits on the back of the sofa and watches what's happening in the backyard
She kills mice......yep.....killed 2 so far
Definitely a hunter!...she loves to hunt and keep her eye on things
Doesn't like kids she doesn't know.....but loves her peeps
Chipmunks and squirrels fear her
Eats's funny to watch

Fun Facts About Angus:

He's obsessed with his appearance and licks his feet at least twice a day
He absolutely despises other dogs....doesn't matter what color or size....the bigger the better
Is short, stocky and tough as nails
Likes to sleep all afternoon while Molly hunts for living things
When you ask him "Do you want to go in the truck?"....he runs to his leash and starts jumping at it. 
When you get close to the road where we're building a little cottage he starts to whine because he knows where we're going

Apples and carrots are their treats and they run to the refrigerator when you go to get them one.  Angus does the "Scotty sit"....Molly just stands up. 

Here we are helping :)