Monday, April 16, 2012

One cool mat!

It's Monday again and that really means squat to us poochies.  The days really all mesh into one somedays and we're just happy to be along for the ride. 

A couple of weeks ago our peeps headed off to the Cottage Show in Toronto and boy did they come home with a mitt-ful of information on all kinds of stuff.  The coolest thing they bought us was a new mat. Now I know it doesn't sound interesting now....but they watched the demo and were hooked.  All these other dog owners were lined up saying "I bought one last year and I swear by it".  You see...the mat is made of a special material that absorbs water and helps trap sand, mud, get the idea. 

All we do is step on it....jump up and down (you know the usual greeting when coming in from playing in the backyard) and poof...our paws are clean.  No mess on the carpet which makes the peeps very happy.  A couple in a little town called Port Carling, Ontario came up with this idea and we think they're genius.   The mat is so awesome it goes in any kinda washing machine when its really dirty and then in the dryer on a low heat.  Our peeps hang it outside to dry because it's super absorbant. 

In case you want to see what the fuss is about have your peeps go to:

They bought us the large one cause there's 2 of us....but they want another just cause it's so awesome. 

Hope you are having a good week so far :)

Angus and Molly

(Edited to add:  We were not coerced, persuaded, begged or asked to promote this product.  We just think it's awesome and like to support our local creative geniuses....teehehehe.)

Here's some photos of us playing in the backyard with the bubbles....again :)

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Bubbles....I love me some bubbles

Happy Saturday! 

So this week the tiny human had these fun round thingies called "bubbles".  Have you peeps seen these before?  I love the tiny human :)

Molly loves the tiny human the most....she listens to her...."sits and stays" when she tells her to and loves to lay on the sofa with her.  I prefer any of the humans to be honest....they think I have separation anxiety....BOL.  They can't go anywhere without me being at their heels....and if the big guy goes up or downstairs without me, I just sit and whine.  I mean...I don't know where he goes...maybe he left the house without me....but I can't bear to think about it.

Here are some photos of the bubble event.  Molly likes to jump in the air and eat them....I'm not as tall so I wait until they get closer to the ground before I get my share.  Check out the holes we've dug :)


Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter & Stuff

Hey Y'all,
Happy Belated Easter!

Word on the street is that a bunny was in our house this weekend.  Let me tell you....if he was then we'd sure as heck have killed the bugger.  You see....we have issues....yep...there I said it.  "Hi my name is Angus and I'm here to tell you that we have "Scottie issues".  You know what I'm talking about right guys?  There are certain things that just drive us terriers ca-razy!....squirrels, birds, rabbits.  Heck we've even had a hard time with a cheetah on that thing on the wall (they call it a tv).  Yeah well...cheetah's, horses and any animal really...we bark at it but it just walks away.  Why is that?  Shouldn't it bark or whatever back at us?

We had a lovely Easter with our peeps and enjoyed some great weather.  We took "them" for a couple of walks and it tires us out.  Not so much bitey face when you have no energy to do anything but nap. Speaking of napping...Molly prefers the top of the sofa while I am partial to the floor.  We got new cushy beds for Easter and the Easter bunny left us each a new bunny toy.  We think he's taunting us.  BOL!  Molly's is still in tact but has seen better days.  Less than 24 hours and the poor thing is deader than dead.

Anyway....the week has started off with some grooming.  We hope you enjoy our newer photos :)  The first one shows the two of us before dinner....and the second is just Molly.


P.S.  Pay no attention to the wrong date on the's WAY past 2008 :)

Monday, April 2, 2012

We're back!

Hey sorry we haven't been around lately.  Life sometimes gets in the way of the fun stuff.  Not that we haven't been up to fun stuff....oh let me tell you....we have :)  But our "assistant" has been busy and we've had to suffer along with you.

We mentioned a while back that "he" is a hockey coach.  Well...we're happy to report that hockey is finally coming to a close for another season and ended on a great note.  Yay....more time for us to be posting here!

We've had some really warm weather here in's been an odd winter all around.  So what have we been enjoying? Digging.  Let's talk about the Scottie's need to dig.  Actually it's a "dog thing" in general but us Scotties we like to seek and destroy.  Keeping in mind there are two of what one does...the other must follow.  Our peeps now have to re-sod their back yard....and the other day "he" laid big logs in our way of getting to where their garden normally goes.  Do you think "they're" trying to tell us something?  We take great pride in destroying the backyard.  There are random holes where we like to just dig.  It isn't always fun because we get carted off to the sink for a wash.  That mud really can pack in to our paws nicely.  :)

What have you all been up too??  Anyone getting out there and having a paw-dicure?

Angus & Molly
(new pictures coming soon)