Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Well....the time has come

Here I am guys and gals....a little embarrassed and a little relieved.  I kept hearing about "snip snip" happening.  I wasn't really convinced it would ever happen or that they would actually go through with it .....but yesterday was the day.  I even had to stay over night at the vet hospital....imagine!  How dare they take me away from my family.

Today, "he" came to get me and I was soooo happy!  Finally going home to my own place.  Molly obviously thought I was gone for good and settled into the idea cause she kept growling at me when I got home.  I guess it's payback for me doing it to her when she had her operation.

Anyway, I'm confined to the kitchen....I hate the cone.....and to top it all off they called to say I have a parasite :(  Whomp...whomp....whomp.  I guess it's good they found it now.  So I go back for a check up next Monday and hopefully this dumb cone can be garbaged too!

Here I am....try not to laugh.