Tuesday, February 21, 2012

We've been tagged!

Good Morning Everyone,
Our buddies Sweet William & Stuart tagged us so here goes:
1) Describe yourself in 7 words: loyal, mischievous, lovable, irritating, curious, stubborn and territorial.
2) What keeps you up at night? These days....nothing!  We now sleep in separate crates and we're good at sleeping through the night.  But if anything bugs us....it's the thought of the other stealing our favorite toy....or noises outside.
3) Who would you like to be? Hmmm....a king and queen....oh wait we already strive for those titles :)
4) What are you wearing now? Nothing but a collar and a smile :)
5) What scares you? We are funny creatures.  Angus used to be afraid of paper towel rolls and Molly has never been scared of anything.  
6) What's the best and worst things about Blogging? We'd say the worst thing is trying to remember to blog.  Our peeps are busy with lots of stuff so they aren't always able to get on the computer.  The best part is getting to know all of you. We love to read all about our blogging friends!
7) What's the last Blog you visited? Douglas...and we feel sorry for his tummy problems.
8) What's one thing you would change about yourself? For Molly she would change the fact that she is very territorial at times.  She's not like normal dogs....she marches to the beat of her own tune.  Angus likes to show off...he needs to share more of his things with me.  He always steals what I'm playing with and makes a pile of toys around himself.  Plus this weekend he's destroyed 3 of our toys!
9) Slankets? No....none for us.
10) Tell us something about the person who tagged you. We were tagged by Sweet William The Scott & Stuart of The Scottie Chronicles.  Sweet William seems like such a sweet puppy dog and we like reading about what he's up to.  His glasses make him look cool :)  As for Stuart....what can we say....the guy's awesome with a capital 'A'.  I mean...it's not often you see a Scottie with so much white....we think it makes him stand out more...a bit more refined if you will.  Our peeps love reading about him and his trips around the world....BOL.  His face is everywhere....we hope to be popular like him one day :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hi Everyone!  Well "they" finally believe I look like a Scottie now :)  Went for my first haircut yesterday and it was not pleasant.  I was so disgusted with "him" that I wouldn't even look at "him" when it was time to go or on the drive home.  Imagine....I got left there, then shaved but you can't tame this girl.  My backside leaves something to be desired....but I guess I'll have to get used to it eventually.  Next time Angus will come with me.  I didn't make a peep either....not like the whiner who cried the whole time he was there.

So now it's funny cuz they sometimes can't tell Angus and me apart.  I must say, I feel like I lost 5 lbs. now that the hair is gone and I can see properly.

Hope you are all enjoying the day so far :)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Molly the tiny gorilla....hahaha

So here's a before shot of me.....a little hairball.  I am headed to the groomers this week after I get my stitches taken out.  "They" think it's funny when I stand next to Angus because he's not as hairy anymore and I....I have the weirdest hair ever.  It's sort of curly and grows in all different directions. I am so happy to have that cone off.  My peeps felt bad so they watch me like a hawk and I'm a good girl....I don't bother with the stitches at all.

Hmmm....what else can I tell you guys.  Some fun facts about me....I now weigh 22 lbs., I am much taller than Angus.  In fact "they" find it hard to believe we're siblings.  I tower over him and jump like I'm a monkey.  I like to crawl across the top of the sofa whenever Angus is busy with something else.  I'm not a sock fan, but I'll eat just about anything....sticks, dirt, leftover plants.  I'm usually the tough one, but I'm at constant battle with Angus over toys.  He steals whatever I touch.  And don't get me started on my food dish.  If he goes near it, rest assured there is a full on fight.  He does the same to me over his dish so it's only fair I defend my own.  I'm not a cuddler either....that's the whiner.  He loves to be laying on them, next to them or just rest his head on their feet.  I only like laying next to them some of the time, but I'm a big girl now....I much prefer doing my own thing. 

Hope you are all having a good weekend :)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

It's Groundhog Day...

And since I don't know what the heck a groundhog is here's another photo of me :)  So this week "he" was at those darn kitchen renos again.  This time it was new counter top, sink and faucet.  Seeing as I'm a professional foreman....I decided to oversee this project and when I got bored I just laid my head on his foot to take a little break.  You know...cause I'm Angus and let's face it....I may be a boy but I'm also the worlds biggest baby.  Like...I can't stand it when I'm alone...I whine or whimper.  If they take Molly outside to pee and I'm left upstairs....I cry.  Even when I got my haircut the other day I whined the entire time "he" was gone.  Sometimes a dog worries if his favorite peeps are coming back to get him. 

This week I've been a little destructive with my toys.  As in....I've killed 4 toys in 2 days.  I ate the ear off my elephant, I killed the ducky (finally), chewed the end of a rubber bone which is supposed to be indestructible, and I ripped the stuffing out of another.  I've also taken a recent liking to socks.  When I go downstairs to be let outside....I like to make it there before anyone and grab a sock by the washing machine.  Most times they catch me but I've been successful at running outside with one to chew.  Clean or dirty sock...it doesn't matter to me.  

Anyway, "he" finally found a toy that I can't destroy.  Which is code for "Angus stole a piece of PVC and I found him in the living-room with it".  What can I say....I'm one crafty Scottie :)