Thursday, February 2, 2012

It's Groundhog Day...

And since I don't know what the heck a groundhog is here's another photo of me :)  So this week "he" was at those darn kitchen renos again.  This time it was new counter top, sink and faucet.  Seeing as I'm a professional foreman....I decided to oversee this project and when I got bored I just laid my head on his foot to take a little break.  You know...cause I'm Angus and let's face it....I may be a boy but I'm also the worlds biggest baby.  Like...I can't stand it when I'm alone...I whine or whimper.  If they take Molly outside to pee and I'm left upstairs....I cry.  Even when I got my haircut the other day I whined the entire time "he" was gone.  Sometimes a dog worries if his favorite peeps are coming back to get him. 

This week I've been a little destructive with my toys.  As in....I've killed 4 toys in 2 days.  I ate the ear off my elephant, I killed the ducky (finally), chewed the end of a rubber bone which is supposed to be indestructible, and I ripped the stuffing out of another.  I've also taken a recent liking to socks.  When I go downstairs to be let outside....I like to make it there before anyone and grab a sock by the washing machine.  Most times they catch me but I've been successful at running outside with one to chew.  Clean or dirty doesn't matter to me.  

Anyway, "he" finally found a toy that I can't destroy.  Which is code for "Angus stole a piece of PVC and I found him in the living-room with it".  What can I say....I'm one crafty Scottie :)


  1. Oh very crafty, but that's what it's all about...keeping them on their toes. Have fun with your new toy. And congrats on finally killing the duckie. You knew he had it coming to him eventually!

  2. We're so proud of you....all those killed toys.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

    I, Daisy, used to bury one of every pair of socks I could find. Eight years later we're still diggin' them up...BOL!

  3. WTG!! Great job with that ole sock stealing!! You m ake us Scotties all PROUD!! I hate to tell you this but most guys are wimpers and whinners!! bol
    Have fun with that pipe and that to hear that you are a crafty one.

    Jazzi and Addy

  4. BOL at the sock stealing! I haven't tried that one before. That PVC pipe sure looks fun to chew on!


  5. MOL Angus,
    You must have a very good digestive system to be able to digest
    elephants, ducks and nylon!! At least your diet is varied which is good when doing manual labor.
    MOL hugs from you BFFF,

  6. Angus you are just like your Daddy!!!!
    He's a sock=lover and finds great amusement in it as well as running shoes with the laces hanging from his mouth as he runs in the yard with them.
    So the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!
    Kisses from Daddy and Mommy to you and Molly!

    Deborah :)