Saturday, December 31, 2011

It's New Year's Eve!

Hey Everyone! Happy New Year's Eve! :)  It's Saturday morning and we thought we would take a moment to tell you some random December tidbits on what we're up too. Pay no attention to the messy living-room.  Afterall it was Christmas morning...hahahaha.  Here's what we've done in December:

* We turned 4 months old...yay us!
* Molly learned to jump over the baby gate and clear it like she is a pony
* Never EVER allow us to get bored....we do bad things
* We like to rip up pee pads for fun
* Discovered the wonderful world that lies in our backyard
* Had our first Christmas and got lots of cool stuff (I think they're trying to keep us busy)
* Whenever we're let out of the kitchen....we run downstairs to go outside and play :)

Friday, December 30, 2011

Our First Christmas!

We've gotta tell you.....this Christmas thing ROCKS!!!  We'd like to thank our friends Sam & Pippen for the great Santa Paws gifts.  We are having so much fun with our new toys.  One has become the latest tragedy...but that's ok....we still love it anyway :)  What can we say....we're a bit "ruff with our stuff".  Our peeps had a lovely Christmas and so did we.  They still can't believe that Molly and I are only 4 months old.  Hey when you feed us...we grow....BOL.  The peeps even bought us some Christmas attire.  Here I am sporting my sweater which I wore all day....Molly has a lovely dress which I ripped off her about 30 minutes after she put it on.  :)  It just looked silly to me.  Hope you all had a great holiday :)


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Seek & Destroy!

Day 2....and they just haven't learned.  You see, today "they" went shopping and we were confined to the pen.  "He" came home and felt bad so before "he" headed back out we got let out to run free in the kitchen. Yay us!....freedom! long what can we do?  Hmmm....the clock was ticking one was home to supervise.  So we....BUSTED OUT!  We managed to move our pen and off we were...gallivanting through the living room.  Lots to see and do here guys.  A Christmas tree....presents.....treats....a plant.  Oh look...a gift unwrapped.  Surely they don't want this....BOL.  Why is it just laying on the floor??  Hey Douglas....thanks for the tip on the presents.  We ate it :)  BOL.  Apparently it was for a family friend.  Oh and there was this thing called a "photo album"....we ate that too!  Well...just nibbled the corners off...."she" kinda freaked on that one.  I guess it was for a dance teacher....what's a dance teacher anyway?  Once "they" came home we thought "let's greet them at the top of the stairs....they love us right?".  Here we are....tired out from our afternoon adventure.  Confined to the kitchen....again.  What a Wednesday!  I doubt we'll be seeing another day like this.  Enjoy! :)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What if we said we were sorry???

So the peeps were out's at work...the other just abandoned us.  We saw "her" doing some work last night.  Intriguing to us.  She's been talking about decorating the table and saying "I can't....they'll destroy it".  We hear "him" say....."No they won''ll be ok....decorate the way you'd like to".  

And as usual.....when left alone.....we did just that....destroyed it, chewed on a few onions and tried to look innocent when "he" came home. Why do I get the feeling that we're doomed??....guess we're bound to the pen while they leave the house. Apparently we can't be all.  I don't understand why?  "He" giggles and says...."just wait til January".  Molly and I want to know....what does being "fixed" mean??

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Can I help??

The peeps said it was time to wrap presents so Angus and I thought we'd help out too.  We've had a busy 24 hours.  Went to see the man in the white coat last night.  Now we're cleared for walks and stuff outside.  The peeps were excited....we weren't sure why.  Something about us burning off a lot of pent up energy??  I hope I get to wear my new's a tad chilly out at night.  At least I'm being a good girl.....on Friday I decided to get on the table when no one was home....and well....I ate someone's reading glasses.  In my defense, Angus was just as guilty....he grabbed what fell off the table and pieces were found under the stove.  You can't leave a curious Scotty puppy alone....we have to come up with ways of entertaining ourselves :)

Friday, December 9, 2011

This isn't want it looks like.....

Ok so maybe it is what it looks like.  Guys....I'm in trouble.  "Hello my name is Molly and I'm addicted to the table".  How do you explain this to your peeps??  (I bet Madi is just thrilled I can do this).  Well let me tell all started when someone decided to leave a pancake on the table last Friday.  I guess I was tired of trying to entertain Angus.  He can be SO annoying!  Anyway, I hopped up on the chair to get away from the "little bother"...and wow...what a view.  There's a lot that goes on up there.  I was just trying to see if this is where they hide the food.  Then I hit the jackpot.  It was just calling my I ate it.  Then "they" came around the corner....and "he" was NOT, I repeat...NOT happy with me.  After hearing a lot of "no no no"...and "that's bad Molly....that's bad".  They had the nerve to push the chairs just use my head as a bull dozer and move them out of the way.

P.S.  Please ignore the mess....we're in reno-ville after all! 

Friday, December 2, 2011

The weekend is here!

Hey Folks,

Sorry we've been MIA with the blog posts.  Our peeps have been busy working on the kitchen reno's and preparing for decorating the house for Christmas.  We're just excited to see what this "Christmas" thing is all about.  All we heard was "gifts and treats"....we're in!  A week ago we went for a check up with the guy in the white coat.  He says we're not allowed to go on walks just yet....something about a Lepto virus?....anyway, we are allowed in the backyard.  Seeing as we're puppies we MUST be supervised :)  Here we are doing some exploring.  Our peeps have their own little garden and Dad was cleaning up the tomato plants while we played.  Angus decided he'd like to try and eat the rotten tomatoes....yuck!  Whatever long as you aren't bugging me I'm happy.  It kept him outta my fur for a little while.  We like this yard.....lots to do and see.