Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter & Stuff

Hey Y'all,
Happy Belated Easter!

Word on the street is that a bunny was in our house this weekend.  Let me tell you....if he was then we'd sure as heck have killed the bugger.  You see....we have issues....yep...there I said it.  "Hi my name is Angus and I'm here to tell you that we have "Scottie issues".  You know what I'm talking about right guys?  There are certain things that just drive us terriers ca-razy!....squirrels, birds, rabbits.  Heck we've even had a hard time with a cheetah on that thing on the wall (they call it a tv).  Yeah well...cheetah's, horses and any animal really...we bark at it but it just walks away.  Why is that?  Shouldn't it bark or whatever back at us?

We had a lovely Easter with our peeps and enjoyed some great weather.  We took "them" for a couple of walks and it tires us out.  Not so much bitey face when you have no energy to do anything but nap. Speaking of napping...Molly prefers the top of the sofa while I am partial to the floor.  We got new cushy beds for Easter and the Easter bunny left us each a new bunny toy.  We think he's taunting us.  BOL!  Molly's is still in tact but has seen better days.  Less than 24 hours and the poor thing is deader than dead.

Anyway....the week has started off with some grooming.  We hope you enjoy our newer photos :)  The first one shows the two of us before dinner....and the second is just Molly.


P.S.  Pay no attention to the wrong date on the's WAY past 2008 :)


  1. We understand the scottie issues...we'd like to add cats and birds to your list.

    You look so cute.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. You look so nice after that grooming.

    Hope you had a wonderful Easter!

  3. HI Angus and Molly don't you just love how inept the humans are when it comes to technology....I mean how hard it is to change the date. Mom could not figure it out but she did find the place to delete right after she got her new flashy beast.
    I expect she could put the date on now but she is L A Z Y
    Hugs Madi

  4. You did get groomed. I bet you left the whole floor covered with your furs.
    Sweet William The Scot