Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Look what I can do!

Hey look at me I'm on top of the world!  Sooooo.....on the weekend I got bored with Angus and I figured out how to climb up on our crate.  Pretty cool trick huh??  See the little piece of rope?  Dad had to tie the crate to our little pen because we like to drag it around and fight over it....sometimes at night.  :) I'm so tall that I think I could jump over the little gated area....but I'll save that one for another day.  Won't I freak them out when they see me on the other side of it....:)  It bugs Angus that he isn't tall enough to get up here.....hahahaha.  How do ya like me now....ya little "bother"???  LOL.  I sometimes call him that.  Do any of you guys find your siblings annoying sometimes??  He does make a good snuggle buddy at night though.  4 paws up for that!


  1. We scottie girls are just so clever!

    Bella is our 'jumper'.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  2. WTG Molly
    All girls be they feline or K9 know this for sure.
    Girls rule and boys drool!! MOL
    Lets hope Angus doesn't have a growing spurt too soon so you can continue to out do him.
    Hugs from your BFFF (best feline friend for ever)

  3. I like to climb on top of things too Molly! When I sleep on the back of the couch my daddy calls me cat dog. I just give him the look, since I am NOT a cat (no offense Madi!) :)


  4. Yah us girls are smarter than boys!! I have an annoying dog-zilla sister!! Its funny that you fight over it at night time BOL

    Jazzi and Addy