Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A weekend of fun....

Another update on our whirlwind adventures....we went for a loooooong drive this past weekend.  I love the truck.....and I mean LOVE it.  Molly on the other hand is not a big fan.  As in...she plants her paws way before the door and won't budge.  I jump up happy to be alive!  Afterall, we are two Scotties living the dream right??

The peeps got us up real early and we headed "north"...whatever that means.  Well let me tell you...it was awesome!!!  We stopped for pee breaks along the way and then met some family members we'd never seen before.  Dad went and got out his boat....and him and his other half cleaned it all out for another year.  We're not sure what that entails but we're liking where this is going. 

After a long wait we went for our first boat ride!  Molly loves to lay on the bench and I snuggled up to my peep checking out the scene around us while "she" held on to me.  It was the best day ever!  We even got to go fishing which is totally new for us.  And "she" reeled in a big lake trout.  The sad news is we couldn't keep it....the season doesn't open until June. 

BUT....we are SO excited about what the summer will hold for us.  There's just so much to see and sniff!


Angus & Molly


  1. Very fun! When is the next trip for up north planned??

  2. What a terror-ific day fur you guys! Wish my pawrents would take us on another trip!

  3. A real boat ride, wish I was there, soooooo much fun and stuff to look at, I need to stuff myself in a box an get mailed there with you guys!