Wednesday, June 12, 2013

We're Still Around....

Hi All,

Sorry we've been M.I.A. for quite some time, but our Peeps are always busy and blogging just isn't on the radar as much anymore.  We have been living it up!!!  Thought we'd post a picture of our recent trip up north to our little escape out of the city.  We were so tired from helping "him" build our cottage that we needed a rest.

Fun Facts About Molly:

She likes to roll around on her back after she eats dinner
She sits on the back of the sofa and watches what's happening in the backyard
She kills mice......yep.....killed 2 so far
Definitely a hunter!...she loves to hunt and keep her eye on things
Doesn't like kids she doesn't know.....but loves her peeps
Chipmunks and squirrels fear her
Eats's funny to watch

Fun Facts About Angus:

He's obsessed with his appearance and licks his feet at least twice a day
He absolutely despises other dogs....doesn't matter what color or size....the bigger the better
Is short, stocky and tough as nails
Likes to sleep all afternoon while Molly hunts for living things
When you ask him "Do you want to go in the truck?"....he runs to his leash and starts jumping at it. 
When you get close to the road where we're building a little cottage he starts to whine because he knows where we're going

Apples and carrots are their treats and they run to the refrigerator when you go to get them one.  Angus does the "Scotty sit"....Molly just stands up. 

Here we are helping :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Well....the time has come

Here I am guys and gals....a little embarrassed and a little relieved.  I kept hearing about "snip snip" happening.  I wasn't really convinced it would ever happen or that they would actually go through with it .....but yesterday was the day.  I even had to stay over night at the vet hospital....imagine!  How dare they take me away from my family.

Today, "he" came to get me and I was soooo happy!  Finally going home to my own place.  Molly obviously thought I was gone for good and settled into the idea cause she kept growling at me when I got home.  I guess it's payback for me doing it to her when she had her operation.

Anyway, I'm confined to the kitchen....I hate the cone.....and to top it all off they called to say I have a parasite :(  Whomp...whomp....whomp.  I guess it's good they found it now.  So I go back for a check up next Monday and hopefully this dumb cone can be garbaged too!

Here I am....try not to laugh.


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

We are not lost....

....we're just enjoying our summer vacation!  Hope everyone is having a great summer so far.  We have been busy little Scotties.  Every weekend we head north of the city to our little piece of heaven.  Our peeps bought a small piece of property and are planning on building a little cottage for us all.

Sometimes during the week we get to go with "him" and one of the kid-lets.  "He" does lots of work preparing and getting stuff done.

We have been very good doggies lately.  You see....we get a little crazy when we head north.  By the time we get there and jump out of the truck we are SO excited to be there.  There's lots of running, chasing and of course sleeping.  But....our freedom comes at a high price.  After going on a few adventures (i.e. running down the road) they had the nerve to buy this's called an electric fence.  Well for all of our peeps who have never experienced this before....let us be the first to warn you that it hurts and it works.  We don't run anywhere!!!  Except for around wherever the fence is not.  Believe us....there's a tonne of room to run and play. 

We've even been trusted to stay and guard our property while they run to town.  Trust us when we tell you.....we don't budge.  We're usually quite tired and spend most of it sleeping.  And by "we" I mean me....Angus.  I sleep and Molly guards.  I pretend to guard them but don't be fooled.  I let Molly look after that kinda stuff. 

Here I am before we got our fence and we had to be tied on.  What have you been up to this summer??

Angus & Molly

Don't be deceived by his cuteness.....he's really a wolf in sheeps clothing :)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Scottie Advice....

Hi All,

This is Angus and Molly's peep here.  We have a few questions for all you Scottie owners out there....especially those who have more than one which includes a male.  We've been talking about having Angus "fixed", however due to our schedules and the length of recovery time for him, we haven't been able to get it done.  Over the last month or so, we've noticed he seems to be more and more aggressive.  As in....anything he looks at "Angus owns".  If we're playing with Molly, he will attack her as if to say "I own them get lost".  It starts out as their bitey face fight but quickly turns to him biting her.

We have always given them equal play time and they've always been together...they're brother and sister and we brought them home at the same time. 

If we have them out for a drive, it's usually calm and they enjoy it....but if she looks at him the wrong way it's game over. 

The humourous part (if there is one) is that he's smaller than she is.  She's taller and leaner....he's got the typical short legs and muscular body.  Yet he seems to dominate.  We are hoping that if we take him out of the gene pool (har har), it will help with his behaviour.  Any other suggestions or thoughts?  Is this something anyone else has dealt with?? 

We look forward to your responses.

Amanda & Ray

Molly getting ready to swim out to the girls

Angus & Molly 

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Some doggy....

Hey Down Under Daisy....guess what??  Some doggy lives in our house too!!!  Our peeps couldn't find out what the weird smell was coming from the basement.  After searching and finding nothing, "she" accidentally found a stash by the back door.  Some doggy...drug their cans of strawberry coolers to the back of the house...AND....some doggy must have been watching "him" clean out the cooler from the weekend. 

Some doggy actually CHEWED threw the can and drank some of the tasty beverage.  Do you know who some doggy is?  We sure as heck can't figure it out.  Why are they looking at us with angry faces??  Why are they mad that some pink juice spilled on our mat??  I get the feeling we're in trouble but we didn't do anything wrong.

Here is the evidence:

Exhibit A:
 Exhibit B:

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Long weekend = a lot of fun!

Hi Everyone,

We're back with more adventures to share.  This past weekend was the Victoria Day long weekend here in Canada and boy did we have a blast.  We headed out of the city on Saturday and didn't get back until Monday.  After a long drive, we finally made it to our destination...or as I like to call it "paradise!".  We went for boat rides, saw some more fish and then the boat stopped at an island.  We all got out and played in the water for awhile.  Molly likes to try and eat the waves....I'm not a big fan just yet.  I will get my paws wet....but that's about it.  When the sun is hot, I'll do anything to cool down...but don't kid yourselves...I'm not a fan of having a wet I had to rub myself all over big rocks trying to get dry.

Then the big guy made them a fire to roast some wieners for lunch.  It was utter awesomeness!  We ran, jumped, played....and saw a ton of wildlife including a snake!    It was a water snake and is not poisonous...thank dog!  We didn't care though...we wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

All in all it was one totally awesome weekend!

Our peeps have figured out how to tire us out....and man we were exhausted at the end of every day.  There was utter silence at our motel room because all we could do was flop on the floor and sleep.  We didn't even need to be tied up for the night......there was no way we were moving.

Total wildlife seen on this trip:  geese and their babies, fish, turtles, a bear (more on that later), a snake, a fox, a groundhog.....and a pink buoy which we barked our heads off at.  We swear that thing was real!!!!

Angus & Molly

The big guy.....the tiny human and us checking out the snake.  That's Angus with his man servant....and I stay close to my tiny human.

Tiny human showing us around this place.

Tired Angus after a long day of playing and having fun.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A weekend of fun....

Another update on our whirlwind adventures....we went for a loooooong drive this past weekend.  I love the truck.....and I mean LOVE it.  Molly on the other hand is not a big fan.  As in...she plants her paws way before the door and won't budge.  I jump up happy to be alive!  Afterall, we are two Scotties living the dream right??

The peeps got us up real early and we headed "north"...whatever that means.  Well let me tell was awesome!!!  We stopped for pee breaks along the way and then met some family members we'd never seen before.  Dad went and got out his boat....and him and his other half cleaned it all out for another year.  We're not sure what that entails but we're liking where this is going. 

After a long wait we went for our first boat ride!  Molly loves to lay on the bench and I snuggled up to my peep checking out the scene around us while "she" held on to me.  It was the best day ever!  We even got to go fishing which is totally new for us.  And "she" reeled in a big lake trout.  The sad news is we couldn't keep it....the season doesn't open until June. 

BUT....we are SO excited about what the summer will hold for us.  There's just so much to see and sniff!


Angus & Molly